1349 Management and Booking

Record Label:

Season of Mist (Worldwide)



Europe: Håkon Grav, Photograve – grave@photograve.net

North America: Mark J. Vieira – mark@markjvieira.com



North America: Jake, Heavy Talent – jake@heavytalent.com


Håkon Grav (Norway, Asia, Oceania, South America) – grave@photograve.net
Photograve Management

Sharon Richardson (UK, Europe outside of Norway) – SharonRichardson@k2ours.com
Factory Music
216 Cheriton High Street | Folkestone | Kent
CT19 4HS
Telephone: +44 (0) 1303 274189
Office Hours Only 10am-6pm Monday-Friday

Jake DeVries (North America) – jake@tonedeaftouring.com
Tone Deaf Touring


Press Contact:

Europe Press: Laetitia Abennes – laetitia@season-of-mist.com

North America Press: Katy Irizarry – katy@season-of-mist.com